LINPS: Board-certified Neurosurgeons and Interventional Pain Management Physicians

At LINPS, our team of board-certified neurosurgeons and interventional pain management specialists are highly trained in treating patients with neck, back, and spine pain, and those who suffer from more complex brain, spine, and pituitary tumors. LINPS physicians use the latest, minimally invasive procedures and complex brain and spinal surgical techniques.  The neurosurgeons and pain management physicians at LINPS have helped thousands of patients return to normal, active, and healthy lives through individualized treatment plans.

LINPS: Leaders in Brain, Spine, and Back Surgery

Long Island Neurosurgical and Pain Specialists (LINPS) are nationally recognized as leaders in their field of neurosurgery and interventional pain management. They apply a conservative, multidisciplinary approach to their patients’ treatment of the brain, neck, and spine, exploring non-surgical options before performing necessary surgery. Their patient success rate is unparalleled.

LINPS: Experts Who Provide Personalized Care

LINPS’ physicians are compassionate and understand patients’ concerns. Their mission is to achieve the best results possible for every patient. They are personally invested in each patient’s care, and are directly involved from the initial consultation, through treatment and surgery, to the final follow-up appointment.